Reviews of our seed ~

We are really proud of our reputation - we work hard to send out only the best seed, of the best varieties there are.
And it's really nice that so many people have written in to thank us for it!

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Please note - if you search on the web for reviews - please do not confuse us with the "Real Seed Company", nothing to do with us, who supply cannabis seed!
We are the Real Seed Catalogue . . . and we only do vegetables!

Choose with Confidence

Every variety has been carefully selected in our trials,
so we hope you'll choose seeds to grow with complete confidence even if it's a variety you haven't grown before.

But don't take our word for it - here are some nice letters we got from people:


I bought some of your Early Jalapeno seeds a little while ago. 18 seeds, you said, and 18 seeds I received. I sowed them in a bog-standard heated propagator and, only four days later, I had 100% germination. I'm just a tad pleased.
Thank you very much. - Mike Griffiths.

Your seeds are fab and the veg is noticeably tastier. Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Tracy


"The tomatoes [Latah and Dr Carolyn] had the most stunning flavours,
far superior to the usual bland supermarket offerings.
Even my grandson, who normally hates tomatoes, was impressed. Hence the repeat order.
Applause too for the quality of the seeds and growing instructions.
I was amazed at the germination rate -close to 100%.
Had so many plants I gave neighbours a couple of trays.
They were equally impressed by the taste."
- Bob

"Thank you so much - the seeds just arrived, all present and correct.
Quite apart from the dazzling selection you have to offer, the speed
and efficiency of your handling of the order is so impressive. Very
grateful, look forward to a most intriguing summer with all these new
varieties..." - Susan

"My grandfather used to sow four seeds per hole, saying One for the mouse and one for the crow, one to rot and one to grow. But I have added, But seeds from Real Seeds, all four grow!, and they do!" - Marsha

"Thanks for supplying such good seed, please keep it up. It's really nice to deal with people like yourselves. All the best." - Tony

"Thank you for expanding my culinary horizons and for cultivating such an interesting selection of seeds from around the world. And thank you for providing a good ethical option. I look forward to ordering again next year and saving my own seed too!" - Alex Wendes

"Just wanted to write to say thanks. We ordered a shed load of seed off you for this season and I just wanted to say that we're very impressed with the germination rates and quality of seeds and the growing produce. Everything is doing great. I love it that all your stuff is open pollinated too."
-Maurice Pennance

"Everything that I have grown using Real Seeds has been excellent in every respect"
- Phil Duncan

"Your germination percentages and seed vigour are fantastic!" - Chris Westbrook

"My seed order from you was FAB - thank-you!"
- Julia Brammer

"I am so pleased with the germination rate of the seeds I got from you.
100% on most things. Never have I had that or even expected it. " - Shirley Hughes

"Every seed I bought from you and planted this year has
germinated without trouble . .. Thank you for
all your hard work and beautifully packaged seeds with
such clear instructions. " - Gillian Lee

"Your seeds have been great" - Mary Mulligan

"This is just to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with your seeds...
Keep up the good work" - Nick Robinson

"I recently bought lots of seeds from you and am so overwhelmed by the quality,
information and general ethos of your company that I felt the need to write and say thank you.
Everything I planted has flourished and I have recommended you to all my friends and family - "
- Christina Utilini

"Just got back from our allotment, the fella next door says your seeds are the best !!
Can I have a catalogue?" - John Easterbook

"Definitely the best seeds around. Thanks again." Susan Cruickshaw

"Last years seeds were so good & I love reading the catalogue.
Hope everything is going well for you in your excellent enterprise" - C Hawksley

"I must congratulate you on the quality of your seeds.
I had become used to over-sowing seeds from the big companies to compensate for poor germination . . .
. . oversowing with your seed resulted in an excess of plants - a much healthier result!
Keep up the good work. " - Brian Cogan

"Many thanks for supplying an excellent collection of seeds." - J How

"Even my 14-yr old daughter was heard to mutter 'yum yum' when eating the french beans.
Thanks again for the wonderful seeds - I am looking fowards to another good growing year." - Sue Thorton

" I had four or five varieties of your lettuce seeds this summer
plus some interesting types of squash and they have been absolutely fabulous;
I'll definitely be ordering more for next summer!
Keep up the good work..." - Patty

"I just wanted to say 'Thankyou' - you have a great site,
great stock (a great idea!) and great service.
We've managed to collect some seed for next year,
but we now want to try other things so I can assure you we'll be back!" - Rachel & Paul

"I ordered seeds through you for the first time last year
& I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was
with the results; the 'cherokee Trail of Tears' pole bean
was fantastic as were the tomatoes" - Carol Anderson

"I would like to say thank you for the seeds I received
- the results have been great this year. . .
please send a copy of your catalogue to my son
who is as impressed with the results on my allotment as I am." - Gwen Hanley

" I am very impressed by the results. Prolific and sweet tasting. Congratulations." - John Mason


"I will continue to try your excellent varieties . . .
many thanks again for giving me a chance to grow such a variety
and for being such a great set-up to deal with. " - Tony Shore


"Just thought I would let you know that the things I grew this year did really well -
the bleu de solaise leeks are beautiful, the round green courgettes were lovely and very plentiful,
the early pumpkins were very successful, and I still have a few butternut squashes going." - Susan


"Many thanks for a successful growing season which is still continuing.
If possible could you please send me four extra catalogues for friends" - Pat Byrne


"The salads have all been excellent - first time with mizuna & very impressed. . .
I'll be ordering asap." - Chris

"Received my order from you yesterday and just like to say that
I'm really impressed with the packaging information,
and especially the bespoke instructions that you generated with the order.
A nice touch " - Roger Harrison

"Can't wait to place my next order........Carry on the great work" - Jeanette

"Really pleased with all the seeds from you. Courgettes are spectacular,
fennel looking great, peppers coming on lovely, super yellowleaf lettuce, etc etc." - Sue

"Keep up the good work - I will be ordering again" - Jo Spikes

"I ordered seeds from you earlier in the year and have been meaning for ages
to let you know how they are getting along.
Brief answer is Brilliantly. " - Lexie Munro

"Brill seeds this year especially the beans and prolific tomatoes..." - Anne Finlay -Baird

"I have recommended you to some of my allotmenteers
who cannot beleive the quality of the produce that I am now growing. Please keep it up!"
- Allan C

"Thank you so much – the seeds I bought from you this year
were excellent – as usual!" - Alison Goodyer