~ SEED COLLECTIONS - great as gifts ~

plant pictureplant pictureNice selections of seed that go well together, all with growing instructions, seedsaving information, and usually recipes too.

We fold the collections up separately from the rest of your order, with growing instructions, notes and seedsaving information printed inside.

They make excellent gifts - just let us know and we'll leave the receipt out, and mark the packet 'Gift from xxxx - do not open before dd/mm/yy'. (Or any other message you want.)

For gifts being sent direct, please send in your order at least 2 weeks beforehand, just to be absolutely sure it will arrive in time.

There are free options you can add to your order, including a 'don't open before' date on the package.
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The "Bountiful Plot" Seed Collection
A careful selection of selection of vegetables that are easy to grow and really productive. We have chosen these as really good, reliable varieties that should give you as much produce as possible without too much fuss. A set of seeds ideal for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

What you get:

Perfect choice of easy varieties, also makes a great gift.

Order MC55 - £


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Do you need a 'How to Grow Veg' Book?

The seed collections include basic instructions, but a good gardening book is really an essential if you are a complete newcomer.

There is really only one that we recommend - Grow Your Own Vegetables by Joy Larkcom. This is a brilliant book that will give you the confidence and basic information you need as you start out, but has enough detail that you will keep referring to it for years to come. We tearnt how to grow on our allotments from an earlier edition many years ago.

"Grow Your Own Vegetables" Book £


Our wonderful Salad Seed Collection

A set of quick growing and reliable salad plants - there's so much more to salad than lettuce! We are always trialling new salad varieties to find the best ones for sowing and cropping throughout the year. Many of these will be familiar to you, others may be new, but all are delicious and very easy to grow.

It is particularly good value as we have included a packet of the Mortons Secret Mix Lettuce, with hundreds of different strains of lettuce in it, so you get a vast amount of variety in your salads from just a single packet.

They've been chosen sow that you can sow throughout the year, from spring through to autumn (see individual packets for sowing times and instructions).

plant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant picture


Different salad plants including our super mix of lettuces:
plant picture plant picture plant picture

If you like salad, this will really give you a whole new set of incredible textures and colours for your bowl.

Order MC42 - £


Our new Edible Flower Collection

A selection of beautiful flowers for your salads and garden borders; featuring our new artwork on the gift bag.
plant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant picture


plant pictureplant pictureplant pictureBorage
• Salad Mix Nasturtiums
• Johnny Jump-up Violet
• Garlic Chives
• Shungiku (salad chrysanthemum)
• Flashback Mix pot marigiold (calendula)
• Korean flowering mint

Order MC50 - £


The Oriental Explorer

For the more adventurous, and those who want to try something new, this is a collection of different oriental vegetables.

They come folded in a neat paper packet, together with notes, and we've selected them not only for their good results in our UK trials, but also to illustrate the different families of vegetable greens grown in the East.

An easy way to try a whole new range of vegetables, used for salads or as cooked greens - they all do really well here in the UK, and we grow lots for our own use every year.

Order The Oriental Explorer Gift Collection - £


Alternatively, if you would like to try this selection of seeds but don't need them all beautifully wrapped up together into a gift package, you can use this button to add the same list to your basket as individual packets:

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