All you need to know about using our online catalogue:

Minimum Order is £6 + P&P

The shopping cart system is provided by RomanCart.
Your basket can be left for 1 hour before it clears itself. Sorry but we can't change that.

All seed requests are subject to our Terms and Conditions

  1. Delivery Times
  2. Paying by card
  3. UK P&P
  4. Foreign Orders
  5. Postal Orders
  6. Paper Catalogues - no more!

Delivery times within the UK:
We're in the office to pack orders on Mondays and Fridays.
We know you need your seeds ASAP!
We aim to get your seeds to you within 10 days, usually sooner.

Paying by Card:
Your card will be processed by Sagepay.

This is a well-known, secure online card processor,
approved by our bank ( The Cooperative Bank).

It is safe - we don't ever see your card details,
just a credit to our account with a list of what seeds you bought.

P&P charges for UK orders:

We are trying to find the fairest way to cover card fees and shipping costs without overcharging you.

Standard UK P&P: £1.96
Orders including tubers: £3.50

We reduce these rates to 59p / £2.50
if you are low-waged or unwaged.

Orders over £70: sent 'Signed For', no extra cost

We hope you think these are fair and reasonable!

Foreign Orders - to Ireland, France and Spain ONLY

Outside the UK we can only send to Ireland, France and Spain.

If your country is on the list in the shopping basket,
then we can mail to you. Otherwise, we're sorry, but we can't send you seeds.

Apologies , but we were spending so much time
sorting out shipping problems with foreign orders that it just wasn't viable.

Please, do be patient:
The Post Office say that packets can take up to 4 weeks to arrive, even just to France.

Non-UK Postage Rates:

We had too many problems with lost orders and delays
so now we do only Insured Registered post for France and Spain.
This is charged at cost - we do not make any profit on the postage.

You will see the exact amount in your shopping cart.
We know this is hugely expensive for small orders but that's what it costs us.

Shipping to Ireland costs £3.99 basic rate then increases pro rata for higher order values and heavy items.

No orders to USA or Other Countries outside Europe!
We're really sorry but we cannot ship outside Europe.
By the way, for all the confused Americans who still keep trying to order seeds, you are not in Europe.

Disappointed we can't send seed to you?
Here are some other excellent suppliers to try instead:

It really is better to buy seeds locally within your country - they will be selected to do well
in your climate, rather than ours, and you will be supporting local businesses.

Some particular companies that we know of who offer a good range of locally grown open pollinated seeds include

Ireland - Brown Envelope Seeds
and also the Irish Seed Savers Association

France - Biau Germe seed cooperative
and of course Kokopelli

Spain - Plantaromed - ecologically grown seeds produced near Málaga

Austria - Reinsaat seeds
Germany - Bingenheimer seeds

Excellent seed in the United States - try our friends at Adaptive Seeds or Seedsavers Exchange

Ordering by Post

We no longer have a paper catalogue or accept postal orders.
But if you really can't make the web site work, then you can order
by post with a cheque using this printable order form .
Please don't do this unless you really have to, we're not set up for postal orders any more.

If it says 'sold out' or 'unavailable' on the website, that's what it means:
We really can't send you the seeds, even if you order them by post,
because we don't have any of that item left!


P&P Charges for Postal Orders:

  • UK P&P is £1.96 for most postal orders. If your order includes oca, yacon or comfrey, P&P is £3.50
  • Overseas orders can only be made via the website, sorry.


  • Pay by Cheque (Pounds Sterling) to 'REAL SEEDS' - or cash notes of Pounds Sterling. (Bank of England notes only, please, we are in a very rural area, our local shops won't accept Scottish, Northern Irish etc notes and our bank is only open very limited hours, so it's hard to get in and swap them.)
  • No other currencies, eurocheques, international money orders etc
  • We CANNOT take credit/debit cards by post.
  • All seed requests are subject to our Terms and Conditions
  • If you want to send some seeds directly as a gift, no problem, just say so & we'll leave the invoice out, and write your message on the parcel - but order at least 20 days before you want them delivered!


catalogue pictureWe're sorry, but we are no longer producing a paper catalogue.

We realise this is sad (the paper catalogue was really nice), but fewer and fewer people have been using the paper version, and it is a huge project producing and maintaining it each year.

This website also works very much better with our rare and limited stock seed, as we can have real time stock control,meaning that you shouldn't ever (at least in theory!) be disappointed by ordering something that is sold out.