~ LEEK Seed ~

Between them all you should - with a bit of luck - have leeks for almost half the year.
Big packets, because we like to grow lots of leeks.

Sow leeks in a seedbed in spring, or sow in trays to get a good start away from the slugs.

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~ Listed in order of harvest. ~

plant picture 'Jaune de Poitou' Yellow Leek (Early)
A nice productive early leek for autumn harvest. We like this one because the yellow colour makes a great contrast in the garden.

This traditional leek from the west of France grows quickly. Get it in early, and it is then ready right at the start of the winter, making short fat leeks in Autumn.

It normally would be harvested before the really hard frosts start, as it is not as cold-hardy as the overwintering leeks below.

Yellow! Early autumn leek from Europe.

400 seed £


plant picture 'Monstrueux de Carentan' Fat Leek
A traditional French variety of fat leeks for autumn/winter harvest, from the small town of Carentan in France, near to the English Channel.

Selected over the years for earlier, fatter leeks, at the cost of a tiny bit less cold-resistance. A good all-round leek, normally harvested in late autumn/early winter.

Fat, for autumn/winter harvest.

300 seed, organic £


'Winter Giant' Leek
A very hardy traditional variety that had good frost resistance. Harvest young and tender in autumn, or keep in the ground and harvest as needed right through to March.

For autumn/winter harvest.

300 seed £


plant picture 'Bleu de Solaise' Blue Winter Leek
An old French winter variety - long leeks with blue-grey leaves. Hardy and very cold-resistant, it turns darker after frost.

In a comparative trial against 'Musselburgh', it was noticeably more vigorous, growing faster & bigger, although the two varieties share a common ancestry.

A good one for standing overwinter even in atrocious weather.

Late, for winter/spring harvest.

400 seed £


plant pictureMézières Long Winter Leek
This is for those of you who prefer very long leeks. It is a very cold-hardy leek from the small town of Mézières, near Rennes in France, where they have cold winters, and so good for standing over winter and harvesting on into spring.

Don't be surprised that your longer leeks are a bit thinner than short fat ones: they're more stretched out!

Long, long leeks, cold hardy, for winter/spring harvest.

400 seed £


plant picture Giant Bulgarian Leek
Here at the bottom of the page we have a special leek which we discovered while trawling the internet looking for exciting new vegetables to grow. We came across the wonderful blog of Steven Edholm who was so enthusiastic about the giant bulgarian leeks that we figured we had to get some seed of them to put in the catalogue.

Here is Steven with one of his Giant Bulgarian leeks - we don't think you'll necessarily get them as big as this, but they really are exceptionally tall.

However, these Bulgarian leeks are not so cold hardy. While you may get larger leeks with this, you'll need to use them in November before the worst of the winter frosts.

Tall, but use early.

400 seed £