plant picture plant picture Brithdir Groundcherry
The Groundcherry or Cape Gooseberry is definitely a 'fruit' rather than a 'vegetable'. They have small orange fruit in papery husks that are sweet and have a good fruity flavour when ripe. Also known as wintercherries as they store for ages in their husks.

This is a strain of Physalis peruviana, it is used just as a fruit, or in jams and pies. Kate doesn't like them raw so much but Ben thinks they're fantastic. Ready to eat when dry husks fall off the plant.

They make a very nice crumble with apple, served with custard, which we all liked a lot. Mmm. . . . Beautiful plants, 3' tall, with purple veins, grow in a greenhouse or polytunnel.

100 days, sprawling. Small (1/2 inch) sweet orange fruit.

25 seeds £



Do try the tomatillos. These small vegetables in a papery husk are related to the tomato, are very productive and easy to grow, & are used to make salsas, chutneys and in pasta sauces etc, as well as traditional ingredients for Mexican and South American dishes. Tomatillos will keep well for several weeks if they are picked carefully on a dry day and stored in their papery husks. This is very useful at the end of the season as with care you can be eating fresh tomatillos well into the winter.

These are very much a savoury vegetable - if you want a sweet fruit from the same family then see the Poha above.

They need insect pollination to set fruit. If you grow them in a greenhouse,
you need to leave the doors open from time to time so the insects can get in.

plant picture Tomatillo

This is a very pretty, unusually-coloured tomatillo.

It has yellow skin overlaid with a purple blush, and produces good crops of medium-sized fruit.

Note: don't grow too many plants, it is easy to be overwhelmed as they are very productive. You do need two plants to get fruit, as they aren't self compatible, but two or three should be plenty.

25 seeds £