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These are our large-fruited vine Tomatoes. See the index on the left for other types.

We really like tomatoes - and grow loads of them every year - but only the very best make it into the catalogue!

For an explanation of the differences between bush & vine plant types, click here.

plant picture'Doctor Carolyn' GOOD FLAVOUR

We’re pleased to offer what may well be the best tasting tomato there is, named after tomato breeder Dr Carolyn Mayle.

This is a medium height vine with spherical, glowing round pink tomatoes about 2” in diameter.

The flavour is fantastic and this is a special strain we have reselected ourselves for bigger, fruit. Interestingly, several years after we chose this in our taste trials, we discovered that it was in fact bred from our other very good flavoured tomato, Galina.

We'll be perfectly honest - the yield of these is not quite as high as some other varieties, but the flavour when ripe is very good indeed. Lots of good feedback from people.

Order ToCa - 18 seed £


plant picture Mezulis NEW
A new tomato sent to us by Geoff Dann, this is a wonderful heirloom tomato dating from the 1940s. It was originally grown by Joan Mezulis of Halnuker, near Chichester.

Medium tall vine,making lots of slightly ribbed red fruit with a good flavour.

Order ToMz - 18 seed £


plant pictureplant picture Orange Banana
This variety is one that we would really recommend.  An incredibly productive plum tomato, it makes loads of large orange-coloured fruit. 

Unusual and tasty, this has been a favourite of ours for many years – ideal for both salads and cooking. It makes great ketchup and sauces, and is one of the highest yielding plum tomatoes we have grown. 

We got crates and crates of fruit from just 12 plants this year.  We also find it much less prone to blossom end rot than many plum varieties.

Orange tomato, Medium Vine.

Order ToOB - 22 seed £


plant picture Gigante Liscio (Maincrop Salad type)
This big round tomato from the 1920's comes from a cross of 'Ponderosa' & 'St Louis' in an effort to create the ultimate salad tomato.
Constantly popular, since then it has been continually reselected for good flavour, strong plants, and large red fruit.

Ben is rather fond of this one, as it is one of the better flavoured of the big-fruited tomatoes - it has a particularly good sweet-acid flavour.

Maincrop red tomato, Medium Vine.

Order ToGL - 25 seed £


plant pictureplant picture Feo de Rio Gordo
This is a really massive tomato - we've included a picture of it next to a (rather large) mug here to try to give you an idea of the scale.

Kate came by a selection of interesting tomatoes from a small local seed company on a visit to Seville a few years back. This variety proved to be a real stand-out both in terms of earliness (this year only the super-early bushes ripened earlier) and flavour. It makes lots of fruit too.

The name translates as 'ugly, from the wide river' - well they may not be the prettiest of tomatoes, but in this case looks definitely aren't everything!

Very, very large red tomato, recommended for a greenhouse or polytunnel.

Order ToFE - 18 seed £


plant pictureCostoluto Fiorentino
A delicious Italian variety ideal for salads or cooking.

Tall, vigorous plants start to fruit early, and it's a steady producer, cropping over a long period. Gives a heavy yield of huge, juicy, ribbed red fruit over a long season.

Brought to you from the gardeners of Florence in Italy, where they know a thing or two about tomatoes.

Fat, red & gently ribbed fruit, tall vine.

Order ToCF - 25 seed £


plant pictureplant picture 'Rose de Berne' Large Pink Salad Tomato
This was sent to us by Frank Kiersblick, as one of his favourite and heaviest-setting traditional tomatoes. He was right! It was one of our best performers in our 2008 trials.

The tall vines make glowing-pink tomatoes. The fruit are quite large, but not quite as big as a ‘beefsteak’ type.

It is a high yielding, juicy, and particularly tasty variety from the continent with very heavy trusses giving crops of several pounds per vine.

Order ToRB - 20 seed £


plant pictureplant pictureEthel Watkins' Best
A new large early tomato that did very well in our 2012 trials. Good sized fruit, set very early.

The key thing about this is that the vines are not very tall - about 4ft - & it fruits really quite early, making generously-set trusses of large round red tomatoes (tennis-ball sized).

Variety first reccommended to us by tomato collector Bill Minkey - seed crop grown in Wales.

Order ToEW - 18 seed £


plant picture

'Purple Ukraine' Tomato
A good early plum type tomato, this was originally from Irma Hemkel in the Ukraine.

It does really well in the UK, (even in endless grey weather!) , making tall plants that soon set trusses of really large, deep purple plum tomatoes the size and shape of a goose egg.

The tomatoes are both beautiful and delicious in salads, but they are also tasty cooked. The foliage is very attractive too, with dark green leaves and an interesting 'feathery' appearance.

Purple, great for cooking & salads, extremely productive.

Order ToPU - 22 seed £


plant pictureplant picture'Green Zebra'
Green Zebra is a very special tomato, created in 1983 by Tom Wagner of 'Tater Mater Seeds' - a flavour-obsessed tomato and potato breeder who has worked all his life creating new varieties.

It is thought by many people to be one of the tastiest tomatoes ever. Don't be put off by the colour, it really is ripe when bright green, there's been 30 years of breeding to make it that way! And the flavour is fantastic.

Ben met Tom in Oxford in 2009 and they spent a happy couple of days discussing tomato varieties and potato breeding, so we're really pleased to offer Tom's tomato in the catalogue now.

plant pictureOrder ToGZ - 20 seed £


plant picture'Red Zebra'
Nice tall vines, this is a very rare variety with round red tomates that develop lighter golden zebra stripes as they ripen, with a particularly good flavour.

Red Zebra was discovered by Jeff Dawson in the late 1990’s, when he spotted just one different-type plant in his huge field of Green Zebra tomatoes.

Like all good farmers, he always tried out any unusual plants that chance brought his way, and this one was indeed a lucky find - it still had the great taste of the original, but with a beautiful red-gold colour. After a bit of selection to stabilise it, he first offered the new variety via a seedsavers network in 2003.

A great flavour as well as being very pretty.

Order ToRZ - 20 seed £


plant picture'Skykomish' REALLY GOOD FLAVOUR
A beautiful orange tomato bred by Tom Wagner, Skykomish was designed to be resistant to blight. It has done well for us in our trials, and has had good feedback across the country.

The tomatoes are quite large, a very pretty orange-yellow colour, with a good flavour. Kate's parents always grow lots of tomatoes outdoors in their garden (and get issued with our new varieties to try!) - they picked this one out as their definite favourite for taste.

A new tomato, with some blight-resistance, very good flavour, and a great colour.

Order ToSy - 18 seed £


plant pictureplant pictureAmish Paste (Giant Plum Tomato)
This variety comes originally from the Amish community. It is HUGE - one of the largest plum-type tomatoes we have ever seen.

As well as size and productivity, we are really impressed by its flavour - a new addition to our favourites.

The tall vines set pretty early in the season, and make nice red fruit about the size of an apple which weigh up to 1lb each. Not only was it one of the first to flower, but it just kept on making tomatoes for month after month.

The fruits are good. Very dense fleshed, with few seeds - but still a really good tart flavour, so ideal for cooking, ketchups and bottling. And they cook down to an incredibly rich and sweet sauce.

plant pictureBut our most amusing use is as our customary snack of fried tomato on toast - a single slice will do an entire piece of toast:

Large red plums, ideal for sauces , but actually, they're very nice fresh in salads and hamburgers too.

Order ToAP - 22 seed £


plant pictureplant picture 'Mucho Miel' (Giant Salad Type)

A old heirloom variety of tomato given to us by José Confitas, an old gardener in the village in Spain where we used to live. These tomatoes were grown by his family for 'years and years for ever' as he put it, and the name means 'lots of honey'.

The large red fruit are indeed sweet and juicy, and borne on tall vigorous vines. They taste great, grow just as well in Wales as they did in Spain, & are a perfect size for sandwiches and salads.

Order ToMM - 20 seed £


plant pictureDe Colgar (Storage Tomato)

A traditional class of tomato from Spain that is pretty much extinct now, these are nice round orange-pink tomatoes bred for winter storage.

They ripen a bit later than the others. The idea is that you pick them at the end of them summer and put them carefully aside in your cool larder (much as you would store apples); with a bit of care they keep until January! We have tried this several times and it really does work.

(Just as with apples, you need a slightly humid but well-ventilated store, with a steady temperature ideally about 8-10 C. But if you don't get it quite right they still store better than other tomatoes.)

They are very similar to the old french variety 'Jaune de Flamee'; we think that there probably were versions of this in every country so that there were tomatoes available for winter salads. But with the advent first of bottling, then freezing, and now supermarket-shipped tomatoes from Spain, these are all extinct.

Less juicy than normal tomatoes, with a thick skin, which is why they keep. Vine to 5 feet tall, best grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel.

Order ToDC - 20 seed £


plant picture 'Reisetomate' Pocketbook Vine Tomato
Well, how on earth to describe this? We think you'll just have to look at the photo.

This is a rather unusual tomato from central Europe that grows what can only be described as a cluster of cherry tomatoes all fused together.

They can be twisted off from the fruit bit by bit and eaten, or you can just use it to scare your children . . . . As well as looking very, very strange, they taste very nice, sweet and juicy with a thin skin.

Order ToRE - 20 seed £


plant picture'Ruby'
In 2007 Frederick Denny sent us seed of several heirloom Bulgarian tomatoes he had collected - local varieties that people were saving at home - and we grew them all in a big trial.
'Ruby' was bar far the best - early, productive, & with a good flavour, so we have offered it ever since.

The vines don't grow too tall for us (so good at the shorter edge of a greenhouse) but make a good crop of really nice rounded red tomatoes for a long season.

Beautiful red tomato from Bulgaria, very productive, tasty.

Order ToRU - 20 seed £


plant picturePink Bulgarian

A very good traditional variety, with tall vines that make pink tomatoes the shape of a goose egg. The original seed of this one was given to us by a Bulgarian legal student at a party - we sadly don't remember much more about their history or background, as it was quite a good party! However, the tomato does very well for us here in Wales, and we are pleased to have added it to the catalogue.

The picture was taken with our old camera and it hasn't really shown the colour correctly - the tomatoes are really noticeably pink.

Order ToLP - 18 seed £


Saving Tomato Seed:

plant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant pictureplant picture

Here you can seed the seed and juice squeezed into a jar & let ferment for 3 days (no more, no less!)

Good seeds sink and bad ones float.

(And, yes, it is supposed to be mouldy & smelly)

Water is added and poured off several times to clean them, the seed is rinsed in a sieve and put on a plate to dry.

Detailed seed-saving instructions are included with your seeds, so you can do this yourself.

And of course this is only possible because these are all real, non-hybrid varieties.