Need HELP ?

We hope you won't need to come here but these are some common question people ask about:

Your shopping basket holds its contents for 1 hour,
so you can always just print it out and post it to us if all else fails

Smartphone / Tablet : I can't find the list of seeds???

You need to click on the menu icon at the top left to roll out the menu:

Checkout: It won't accept my email address!

We don't do any checking on the email address. There just has to be something in the 'email' field, and this has to exactly match the 'confirm email' field. Thats it!
We sometime see 2 problems on some phones and tablets:

1) The tablet auto-fills the 'email' field but not the 'confirm email' field & you don't notice.

2) Or the tablet autofills the email field with PART of your email address ( instead of
AND puts a space on the end so when you type the missing ".uk" there is a space in the middle of the email address.

Either way, if you end up with different text in the two email fields it will not let you check out.
(The auto-fill thing is nothing to do with us, its a thing your device or browser is doing, and is outside our control.)

Security: Do you keep a copy of my card details?

No, never. We don't ever get to see your card details, or your password, or anything. We just get a credit to our bank account, plus an email saying what you ordered.

Your card details are only ever in the hands of the card processor - SagePay - and not us.

Security: Why do you make me do this "Verified by Visa" / "3D Secure" thing?

You may find that at the end of the check-out process - just when you think you're done -
you are asked (again!) to put in an email address and password for your bank card.

We know its maddening. But its something your bank is insisting on - not us. They're trying to reduce online fraud. We think it just makes it all more complicated to be honest. But if you bank insists on you having a password to use your card online, that's up to them.

We don't ever see the password, or your card details. It something between you and your card issuer.

An important note: If you give up at this point, your payment will not be made & you'll not get your seeds.

AAAAAAARGH! It just won't accept my **@@*! credit card!

We're really sorry. It's absolutely infuriating, we know. Some reasons for this are:

What to do?

I placed an order OK but realised afterwards I put in my old address.

This seems to happen quite often for some reason. (Why???) We're happy to help but seriously, we can only send the seeds to the address you tell us about! If you've just realised you've asked for them to go to the wrong place email or call us QUICKLY before we send them out.

Problems with the Seeds (we really hope you won't need this bit)

Where are my seeds? I ordered X days ago and they're not here!

We ship on Mondays and Fridays. You should almost always get your seeds within 14 days of posting an order or 10 days of an internet order.
Several things can go wrong:
-Things get lost occasionally in the post.
-People very often forget to put their name & address on paper orders so we can't send it out or contact them.
-People think they have ordered online but actually gave up before confirming the payment. If you completed ordering on line you will get an email copy of the order!
- Very very occasionally the shopping cart system can get stuck & forget to tell us about your order (five people last year)

Please call or email us and we'll do our best to find out what is happening.
Lost & confused orders are replaced ASAP

I got my order thanks but somethings wrong with it.

We're really sorry. We pack them all very carefully by hand but its inevitable that sometimes we'll put in the wrong thing by mistake.
Call or email and we'll sort it out straight away. It helps if you have your postcode or order number to hand.

I planted my seeds but am not happy with how they grew/tasted/looked

We will of course replace or refund . Please call or email us & we'll sort it out.
We know our seeds should be the best and if something has gone wrong we'll fix it.