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~ New 2015 Vegetable Seed List ~

Rated 'Ethical Best Buy'
by Ethical Consumer Magazine

Welcome to our catalogue of heirloom and heritage vegetable seeds -
all specially chosen for the home gardener.
Over the past 16 years we have collected together what we think are the very best vegetable
varieties in existence for the kitchen garden.

You'll find no F1 hybrids or genetically modified seed here - just varieties that do really well and taste great
when grown by hand on a garden scale. The name of the catalogue reflects what we are working to provide:
real seeds for real gardeners wanting to grow proper vegetables.

Many are rare heirlooms, and because all are open-pollinated (non-hybrid) , you can save your own seed
for future years, using the instructions we supply. There's no need to buy new seed every year!

The United Kingdom in 2015: Welfare for the Rich but Capitalism for the Poor…

Overall, the recent UK budget works out so that it benefits the top 20% of our society, and makes the bottom 30% worse off. Even the Institute for Fiscal Studies says that 3 million people it classes as the 'working poor' - that is, people who work hard but are paid rubbish wages - will be £1000 a year worse off.

Here in Wales, our local schools and hospitals are shutting, and the social safety net is being undone - while at the same time companies are benefiting from tax breaks and special allowances. Even Real Seeds will be a thousand pounds better off.

And its not even the democratic will of the people - two thirds of the country didn't get the candidate they voted for. It seems that our political system is broken, and only operates to benefit the top few percent of society and the corporations they work for.

We want to do something positive. For many years we have offered subsidised postage for low-waged/unwaged gardeners, as a gesture towards wanting a fairer society. The money Real Seeds was given in the budget could have been used for teachers or nurses or training or something useful, not just handed out to increase company profits.

So we have decided to pass it on: as of next week our low-waged / unwaged postage will be 49p . Normal postage (which is at cost) remains at £1.96 - As always, we trust you to choose which you need to use when you check out.

best wishes for a fairer world, Ben

Latest News and Additions to the Catalogue:

New Herbs! Try out Black Mint - known as Huacatay - & make delicious Peruvian Green Sauce,
and Pepiche and Papalo for incredible new flavours in bean and rice dishes:

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Have a look at our Summer Sowing Guide for ideas of things to keep your plot productive right through until next spring.

We also have a monthly sowing guide to take you right through the year.

SEED POLICY: If you are looking for information about the EU seed law proposals, we have
the latest updates here.

Find the latest news from the field and about new varieties on our Facebook page

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How We Are Different

We are a bit different from other places you might get seed from.
We also grow these veg for our own use at home, so we really know how they grow & how they taste.

And we only offer what we know is really good, rather than listing lots of different varieties just for the sake of it.
But most importantly, everything here has been chosen - from hundreds of trials -
for a particular reason , which we try to explain in the description.

The two of us write our own catalogue and our own website, so they've been written by gardeners, for gardeners.
It may not be flashy but we hope you will find it easy to know what each variety does, how it grows, and when to sow it.

We really do hope you enjoy these vegetables as much as we have enjoyed tracking them down and trying them out.
Each and every one has been chosen for its merit in the kitchen as well as the garden.

Our aim is to offer you the very best seed of the best varieties we can find!

- best wishes for a great season from Ben & Kate (with lots of help from Catherine, Tam , Ian & Anja)

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Do save your own seed:
None of these seeds are hybrids, so you can save your own seed for future years.
There are instructions on the left, under the seed-index,
and we are also offering a great home seed-saving book at a subsidised price to encourage seed-saving.

Thanks to all of you who keep writing and emailing to let us know how your plants do.
We really enjoy reading your letters and it helps us choose better varieties for the future!

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