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Why we can't ship to Northern Ireland

We are really sorry about this, but it is completely out of our control. We hope that in a couple of years a pragmatic solution will be found.

Many people are asking about this! We just wanted to make it clear that it is not our choice in any way, but is a result of the Brexit deal.

Right now, no exports of vegetable seed are allowed at all, either to the EU, or to Northern Ireland. This will change once 'equivalence' of regulations is agreed, hopefully fairly soon. But, even once this happens, because there is free movement of plant & seed material throughout the island of Ireland it means that all the plant health border requirements have now moved effectively to the middle of the Irish sea.

As a result even when it is theoretically allowed we would have to provide a phytosanitary certificate with each order which is just not viable for retail orders.

Hopefully at some point this may change, but it is unlikely to be different in the near future - it’s a problem for the seed and seed potato industry as a whole.

In the meantime, TrueHarvest Seeds in Co Down are expanding their range of open pollinated organic vegetable seed.

NI customers should also be able to order from Brown Envelope Seeds and the Irish Seedsavers who also sell open pollinated seed