~ Our 2020 vegetable seed CATALOGUE ~

Don't panic, we are staying open (with very strict isolation in place). However, right now our post isn't being collected very often. And we have staff isolating at home as well, so we can't pack more seeds to replace those being bought.

Please bear with us; we are setting up new systems and in a few weeks' time you should be able to order as normal. Until then we will be open briefly for orders a couple times a week after our post has been collected - which is unpredictable. Sorry but we don't want to take a whole load of orders that we can't post out to you.

Some people will be cut off mid order when we shut and we are so sorry about this. The scale of the problem is that 400 people an hour are trying to order; we can only pack 600 orders a week. But there is no shortage of seed and there is still plenty of time to plant things. Do try waiting a week if you can't get through.


A few people are asking to place huge orders, but it's not necessary. Seeds do not keep so there is NO POINT in stockpiling them. All orders are now limited to 1 packet of each variety and no more than 35 different things. Please be considerate of others who would like to garden too, and only order what you think you can realistically use.

Rated 'Best Buy'
by Ethical Consumer Magazine

Welcome! Our heirloom and heritage vegetable seeds are specially chosen for home gardeners.
Over the past 21 years we've collected the very best varieties for you to grow.

You'll find no F1 hybrids or genetically modified seed here - just varieties that do really well and taste great when grown on a garden scale - a catalogue of real seeds for real gardeners wanting to grow proper vegetables.

Because all are open-pollinated (non-hybrid), if you wish you can even save your own vegetable seed
for future years, using the instructions we supply. There's no need to buy new seed every year.

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Try something new this year! Yacon tubers are productive, fun and easy to grow.

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New to gardening? See the calendars on each page - dark green squares show the main sowing times for each crop. Lighter green are extensions/options.

For more detailed sowing plans throughout the year, we have a month-by-month guide.
See the latest news from the field on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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How We Are Different

We don't just sell seed; we're gardeners and also grow these veg for our own use at home,
so we really know how they grow & how they taste.

We only offer what we think is really good,
rather than listing lots of different varieties just for the sake of it.
Every vegetable here has been chosen - from hundreds of trials - for a particular reason, which we try to explain in the description.

We do our own website - so it has been written by gardeners, for gardeners.
It should be easy to see what each vegetable does, how it grows, and when to sow it.

We really do hope you enjoy these vegetables as much as we have enjoyed tracking them down and trying them out.
Each and every one has been chosen for its merit in the kitchen as well as the garden.

Our aim is to offer you the very best seed of the best vegetable varieties we can find!

- best wishes for a great season from Ben, Kate, Catherine, Tam & Ian

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To reduce plastic waste, we supply much of our seed in paper envelopes.
To do this have we purchased one of the last existing Ballard Brown-bag seed packing machines.
Weighing 1000lb in cast iron and brass, and built a hundred and twenty years ago, this amazing device has been in constant use ever since.

It picks up and opens the packet, throws a measured scoop of seed in,
glues the flap, folds it over and passes it to the output tray.
Originally steam powered, ours is now run by an electric motor.

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We designed beautiful new seed packets to go with it, inspired by the Art Nouveau posters of Mucha,
& have had the correct 1880s-pattern envelopes manufactured for us by a company in Wales.


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