~ New Varieties for 2017 ~

As ever, we have some new varieties for you to try next season.
To save you hunting through all the various pages, we've listed them all here:

plant picture

plant picture

Anyone looking for vegetables that are as decorative as they are tasty will love our new pea, Rosakrone (or Rose Crown) pictured above - it's ideal for a wigwam in a raised bed or potager.

Dazzling Blue kale is another really striking new variety that we're delighted to add; not only is it incredibly pretty, it's also exceptionally tasty,very good cooked but also ideal for green smoothies or salad use.

Staying with our most decorative crops, Painted Mountain corn is also beautiful, ripening to a rainbow of different colours.

We've added a couple of new french beans: Royal Burgundy is a gorgeous deep purple bush variety, while Lazy Housewife is a climbing variety with flat stringless pods that fill out with big white buttery beans.

Our new beetroot, Mulatka is the result of several years of trials experimenting with lots of varieties to find the best for flavour and reliability. We're working to bulk it up, but have a few packets available for you to try this year.

On our leaf greens page, we've added a new summer spinach, Securo ideal for cooking or salads.

If you enjoy hot peppers, the Chocolate Locoto is seriously hot when fully ripe, but also has an excellent flavour.

If you prefer a milder pepper, you might alternatively like the amazing Trinidad Perfume, (picture below), which has all of the scent and flavour of a Scotch Bonnet chilli, but with none of the heat.

Look at our squash and summer squash pages for a whole range of new varieties to try out next summer.

We also have Luffa seeds for you to grow again after a few years gap - delicious picked young in curries and stir-fries, or you can leave them to mature and dry to make your own back-scrubbers.



plant picture